Thursday, November 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

A short short video from Micky Yoo Chun . . .

Happy Christmas!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Plants Vs Zombies

The Hottest game in my house now . . . it's cute~~!!! It is about all the plants fight with zombies!! those plants are surrounding my house and they are there to protect my house to prevent those zombies come and eat my brain.
I love the sunflower very much. It keep shaking its head to produce sun(as money)
to buy more plants.
The zombies are here!!!

*the huge mushroom is funny enough when it spread
out the poison to the zombie
It really cute . . . the zombies are not scary too. I haven finish the whole game but my mum did. She finished all the level and keep disturbing me when i play this.

Graduation Group Photo!!

See where am I??
Here . . . right on the right corner. Where my friends go??
By the way, I am completely look damn fat in this photo!!! OMG! This photo is very
important in my life Okay!! Ais....
here they are . . . totally at the East side of me.
We had been separate by manyyyyyyyyyyyyy. . . . others people

Newest Pizza!!

It is Pizza time!!! 1300-88-2525 ~~~
Newest type of Pizza with SIX type of cheese on it.

Alike face ^_^


Toast + Scrambled eggs + Butter

Jiun + Santa's hat

another day breakfast . . . Boiled eggs + Potatoes(mixed with mayonise) + apples.
This is nice . . .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My board

I love it!! Just pin up whatever you want as lot as you can... my favor idol pic, my own calender, a postcard from my best friend and a lot keychains with tools look... and many others note on it.
ya... and a watch there . . .

Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm very angry now!!! I suppose to stay with my friends shopping around here . . . but just one called make my friendship time over!!! I hate this called!! How many time alrd . . . this is not the first time she did this to me!! Sorry for talking her like this even though she is the one who bring me here. Can you give me some time to just stay with friends the whole day? or even half day? I really can't "tahan" alrd . . . I hate such life!

This weekend will be the graduation ceremony! And Sunday night will have a farewell night party!! I'm looking for my dress now!! but you stop me half of the way!! Everyone had bought their night dress except ME! They are here to accompany me! but I am the 1st one who left for this shopping time!! I'm planing all my finance problem, keep saving and saving money!! I never asking for $ from you. You should be comfort about that. I never give you any money stress so please don't give me any stress when I'm enjoying my friendship time.

I have no a very good time with friends except at school, when I go out with friends I'm alway scare when my hp rang!! Cause this must be you, and will keep asking me when will I arrive the shop to help you. Once I there . . . what I gonna do? Just stay there and watching you busy around keep shouting here and there. Actually you are not that busy as you said. Until now, I still can't discovery what make you so busy.

Next, you always teaching us how to plan things, time, jobs & . . . by the way, have you plan your things well?
I think you are too care about you staff alrd . . . your staff is not that care about you Okay?!!
And now, the M shop had only left one staff, and the T shop still have one there+you in the shop. Today you sick, you can just leave, and just left one staff in the T then why are you kicking the T staff to the M there and lock dad and me here to stay in the T? The M is triple smaller than T there no need two staff stay there, one is enough too. How you think it actually??

The most important thing now is . . . I haven buy my dress yet!!! . . . today is Tuesday, the coming of Sunday is just blinking some more times eyes then it will come. I have nothing now!!