Saturday, February 27, 2010

Relax before exam start

Every school exam is going to start next week, lets relax before it . . .

taking some crazy pose pic . . .

and some more . . .

ghost pic~~

brightly smile ! ~ !

4 dirty people lying on the car park. . . really dirt~~

lie like on the beach

sad * happy

stop scratching my camera lens

Snow white couple

Big eyes couple

relax end . . . start revision for exam . .

Chinese new year is over . .

Lion dance performance in mum's kedai . . .
proud of my shot below . . .

brave brave Celia touching the "lion's" lips . . .

^see the car behind . . . stand full of people . . . without asking
the permission of the car master

Jump!! Jump!!

I saw your teeth~~

the "lion" know how to find the camera~~ hehehee......

2010 is now started. . . Good luck everyone!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo the moment

The best moment for us, crazy in taking pic by webcam
some stupid and funny look . . .
will be my best memory ever. . .

Do we look alike??
I think have 25% alike . . .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute guy and girl

The youngest member of boy and girl in my big family . . .

Celia~~ the curly hair princess with a fake crown
It look like she really wearing a crown right?? hehe. . .

pictures below start blur . . . .
my hp camera can shot well at night

Cheng Cheng,the botak hair prince . . .
finally catch him to take pic with me


Acting 007?

Busy drinking 100 PLUS . . .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My plan all shattered!!

The Chinese New Year is still running, visiting to relatives' house or friends' house is a very common thing, I'm no exception too . . . going to have a nice day with friends TODAY!!!
BUT!! All things are not going well as what I plan and imagine. I change a lot mind today, and my schedule keep facing obstacles ~ ~ okay, this is my first schedule below . . .

1. Hoping daddy can fetch me to Shian's house about 10 am
2. Follow her car move to Ting's house to attend his "open" house
3. 1:00 pm, go to Pizza with Shian

Forget about it, they all changed!!!!

Mummy told me suddenly that her shop will have a lion dance performance in 10 am!! Okay, never mind the God help me in this moment cause after few minutes I received a message from Shian. She told me that the Pizza hour will extend to 1 pm and we will go to Ting's house after that. Okay, my second schedule :

--Help mum to be a photographer during the lion dance performance
--Invite Shian to watch the lion dance too, and I will follow her car to the Pizza
--Go Ting's house after Pizza

I think this was the most perfect schedule ever . . . hope everything go well.
God is taking the test to me!! Shian didn't came at the time!! Stomachache!! Make she missed the appointments. I did not blame him for that thing can't be control by self. Forgive that.

I chance my mind, "dad, can you fetch me to Shian's house later?" "Okay!"

'Yes, I did it!' flash on my mind . . .

"Zrr . . . zrr . .", message alert, "change place!! no Pizza today. . . to XXX restaurant later"
"blak . . . blak . . . blak . . ." heart broken . . . . no Pizza today~~~

This is really bad thing today, I'm not mean the Pizza is this . . . .
-- Help mum to take away KFC that is ready to invite those staff,
on the way walking towards to shop, nothing happen so~~ peaceful, love that feeling
but actually NOT!! Thing happen when arrived shop, I lost my money!!! The $ returned by the cashier. is RM 29!!! maybe the amount not feeling very much for some people but it was the luck problem, I'm sure that I place the $ very well into my pocket and by the way a "kakak" was also follow behind me to take the KFC!!! If my $ really fall out from my pocket, do you think that she will not see it??? Can't believe in this, should can be see very clearly if the $ came out, isn't it?
-- This thing really got mum on fire!!! I suspect the "kakak" is the one saw the $ and she pick up and accounted for as herself. This is what I guess lah!!

Lastly my timetable change again~~~

-- Shian felt guilt that she didnt came in the morning, then she came to fetch me at 1pm
--Eating in the XXX restaurant
--2:46 pm arrived Ting's house but that really make me disappointed cause there are less friends there. erm . . .. just two there.
-- HP !!! the most important thing for all youth. I omitted my HP in Shian's father's car.
-- Having a bit bored time in Ting there
-- about 5 pm, finally home . . . by Shian's car again. . . her father going to mile 2 that is really near to my house. Oh Yes!!!
-- Thank ya, my friend Shian Shian !!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family portrait 2010

Happy New Year !!!

During new year must take a family portrait . . . here you go, my photo . . .
with adding a lot things on it. Wish every things proceeds smoothly this year and future, Jiun and me can get good result on exam, my sis get a good jobs, parents' business run well and earn a lot!!! hahahahhaa . . . ..

another cute baby--> Celia

big round eyes with curly curly hairs~~ super cute!!!
and with snow white skin . . .

Celia and her sis -> Celine. They both same-- BIG BIG eyes

Mum tried to grow her eyes to make it as large as Celia . .

funny hair style after taken out her rubber on head just
look like Elvis's hairstyle

like a model . . . training her cat walk^-^

cute girl~~ you are still small, can't walk yet lah!!!