Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Steamboat with baking gangs! 20.06.2012

A free steamboat dinner with our whole baking class classmates and our lovely teachers! First steamboat experience in Taiwan even thought my friends surround had it a lot before, in the winter. This is like a end of a semester celebration party, gathering of whole class members all the baking course students this year, 68 of us!!! We break the record of this school! hahaha… Anyway, the point is! We had a very full night!! ^_^ According to our school rule, our class fee need to be finish them in every semester~~ so, teacher decided this, dinner gathering for free to us! Teacher and her assistant spend us for that night for the rest amount of the bill. The restaurant were fully booked by our class, such a grand view. XXD


It cost NT239 each people (week days price), for weekend is about NT269. This is the price for unlimited refill of meat! Its just for meat (chicken, pork, beef & lamb) only, no seafood over here it just supply a prawn like the picture above. ==!! and that plate of vege is the only you can have, quite expensive larr…. In my hometown with on RM 25, I can refill whatever I want! Seafood~ Vege~ Meat~~ but here got up to 10 type of soup let you choose, you can’t regret the soup taste you choose at first cause you can’t change it after all. I choose the tomato soup!! like it!


Like the moment! Picking up slices of meat throw them into the pot and countdown for the time to eat. yummy!!! The service here quite bad making me and friends angry and we had decided to eat as much meat as we can as a revenge! hahaha….


We had 6 people in my table and we had ordered all together 16 plates of meat that night. Actually not that much cause of the vege given quite a lot and making us full about it. Anyway, after meal we all just keep taking pictures crazily~~



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leaflets Day2

Day 2!! Sunday (10.06.2012)
Its day2, we got to do the same things as yesterday. It just we no need rush for two school, we only need to stay in LinKou High School till 12pm.

Oh ya, I’m gonna thank to my roommate. She brought me some bread from the baking lesson. These are my breakfast for the day.

Here the pavements, we can only stand behind the white line can may not block the way of those pedestrians.

Gonna finish allocated all of them!!! Never ending leaflets… there were only two tutorial center today quite a big different with yesterday. The deserted street and the sunlight that day really drive us crazy.

and then, we moved in to the school again like what we had done before. Find parents or students signed. ==! We saw those same faces like yesterday, the parents and students. They sat at the same places also. We really got a big trouble now, Lawrence and I had give up about this. We just walked around to send out all the left leaflets and just give up on earning the extra commission.

We enjoyed a lot about this… the free ice-cream!!! I ate 3 on that day, all were passion fruit flavor. At last I tried a Yam flavor also. They all really nice!!!
 Time to take a break. Tired day~~ Continue fight after the rest. And it will be soon that we can end it and go home. ><
 Finally… end of their exam and we can finally end this part time job. Lawrence and I had decided ate McD for lunch as a reward for ourselves.

Taking a taxi with little tv behind the driver’s pillow back to Taipei and here the end of our part time day!!! McD mood on!

Spic chicken burger flavor! Mashita~~~ and then we back to our sweet hostel by train. It’s the peak period, no space for sit, we stand for 45minutes till we arrived Taoyuan.

 Btw, I exchanged this Garfield tag in Hi-Life. Nice!!

Part time in Taiwan

Having the first working experience in Taiwan! Not really a work, is just a part time job. ^_^ Distribution of lots of flyers for two days! At first I thought I just need to stand there and allocate all the leaflets I have. But, that is not only the things I need to do! Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Monday, my friend, Lawrence invited me to join him for this part time job. I choose to join him for fun for money for experience also, I made this decision and skipped the upcoming Saturday baking lesson.
Tuesday (5th June), we had to attend a talk about the job we need to do. By only attending the talk we can also earn NT200! Yoohoo! But it doesn’t earn a lot for us, cause we need to take bus go there (surround Taipei station) for 1 hours and cot NT60. So that NT200 isn’t any thing fro us. We work for a English tutorial center, we are going to allocate all the leaflets we had in a high school and some coupons value of NT1,000 discount for the tuition fees. We are not only to sent out all the coupons, we need to ask  those recipients sign for it, leave their contact information for future publicity.  We can get extra commission if we get more signed. 30 contacts then get NT 500, 50 contacts get NT 800 and 100 contact get NT1,800. This is very attractive! So, Lawrence and I had make up our mind to do our best for earning money! After the talk we stay back for help packing those mountain of leaflets for about 2hours, I think we had done over 2000 sets of those leaflets.It help us earn more NT200 of the stay back.
Finally the day, Saturday(09/06/12) morning at 6:00, from hostel by Lawrence’s friend car to our first station- Linkou High School.
I didn’t take much pic in the first day cause still in a nervous mood.XP There had not only one tutorial center allocating leaflets there, there are lots! It like a promotion all people stand in line beside the pavements and keep sending out the leaflets we had.
I can’t believe that Lawrence and I really make it! We two had get 50 signed together. So we will be get NT250 each other! Hooray! An extra income for the first thought. I have to said that, its really hard to get the signed from other cause they know that they will be receiving lots annoying call from the tutorial center, so they are not willing to leave it. Depend on some luck or begging then we got some signed from them. ^ ^V
In the afternoon we moved back to Taipei the tutorial center to leave down those empty boxes and take another new boxes of leaflets changed to the next station, another high school in Tamshui. There still had a lot of boxes in the center.  IMG-20120609-01772_副本IMG-20120609-01771_副本

We bought Sushi roll for lunch the straight away by taxi to Tamshui.It takes about 40 minutes to get there so we had a supper nice nap after the sushi roll.

Finally there, after a long long nap in taxi. We were totally have no more impulse for doing it anymore.It was 3pm in the afternoon and there were just few people in the school.Then, we just 
allocated all the leaflets we had so that we no need take them back to Taipei again for the rest leaflets.

And… its dinner time!!! Thru lot of cumbers and reasons we finally can take our dinner of the day at 9pm! And guess what!? We had the Singapore chicken rice for dinner!!!


Chicken rice!! It really cost a bit expensive by comparing to the price in M’s but anyway it deserve to have such price. hahaha… cause there have no such kind of chicken rice in Taiwan.It cost NT120 for one set of chicken rice, in M’s it only cost RM 3 – RM 5.

Red heart Feel very satisfied after ate it!!! Yummy~~! the best meal I had take in Taiwan.Red heart