Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tamsui prt2: Tamshi Fishers’ Wharf!

Finally… I meet  Shian~~! We playing around the Tamsui Street till 6pm then we rush to Tamkang University by taxi. Tamkang girl’s hostel, my destination for the day. We were there at the time, then I run to her room looking for her but! when I standing in front her room what I get is nothing. Cause she haven back her room yet! I went out standing front the hostel building, then I saw her! She walking back to hostel then look at me with a ‘shock’ look. That face really funny I cant forget it in my life! XD Shian Shian~ here your birthday surprise! Birthday cake~ Birthday cards~ Birthday Presents! and you Cheese cakesss….
come come take a photo first. ><
In order to thank us she gonna be out tour guide for that night. Next step… Tamshi Fishers’ Wharf (淡水渔人码头).
blur blur pic, but like it too! <3
Picture taken on boat. By boat to Tamshi Fishers’ Wharf from Tamsui Station.
and… we were there!
the Lovers’ Bridge (情人橋)! Let’s make a “Love” ! ^^
IMG-20120322-00766NG NG… one more take!
stupid camera man! the bridge! cut into half already~! One more take.
IMG-20120322-00778better shot but the best. ^^
IMG-20120322-00786Tour guide~
IMG-20120322-00800     IMG-20120322-00803
IMG-20120322-00806     IMG-20120322-00808
Super tired day~ after all straight away rush back to Tamsui Station back Taipei Station bought some snack for our dinner.
IMG-20120322-00813     IMG-20120322-00814
Finally by taxi balik hostel~!! uhoo~~! ^o^

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Miki! prt 1

Happy Birthday my dearest friend – Hui Shian. Celebrating her 20th birthday (22.03.2012) with a surprise meet up in front of her hostel in Tamkang University. The morning I just finished the visitation of Taipei International Bakery Show, after that I straight away rush to Tamsui (淡水) to find her and celebrated her birthday! Some of my friends follow me go there too, cause they haven visit any other place in Taiwan yet. I’m so scared that I will make them bored in this journey, scare they feel nothing special with that place, and the main point for my trip that day is for surprise party but luckily they really enjoy about it. ^^
Oh yah, before I start it, I taken this pic in bus when we waiting the bus start run from the exhibition hall. This elderly couple look so sweet, wearing smart tidy coat waiting at the bus stop. Super sweet scene!

1st station, lunch! XD
Ate a lot cake tester just now so I only had sushi for my lunch.
start! our MRT journey~! Tamsui is at the top! long long way to go~~

IMG-20120322-00736  the cop of the entrance of the bakery show.
I made this~ my name “慧”and made one also as Shian’s present. NT 80 for one.
Super big cup water~~ 500cc – NT 10; 750cc – NT 15; 1000cc – NT 25!! Nice try really super super large size! XD I didn’t take much pic along the Tamsui Street cause every one busy playing around + shopping.
Tamsui Street

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taipei International Bakery Show

We attended the Taipei International Bakery Show in Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on 22nd March’12. We gather at 10am then together by bus to there with all our class mates, all together about 70 people. We get there at 11am, about 1 hour taken from my place Taoyuan to Nangang.

First photo taken front the exhibition hall with our teacher (middle white face with black coat. Quite funny he squatting there. XD Here are all our baking course students. big family~ sure I not yet know all, need some time to remember them.
There had live baking competition! but sure we didn’t watch it cause we had not enough time, we only had 2 hours stay there and we gonna rush for all the stalls taking pictures for our visiting report. I really have no idea where to start it and how to write it. This must be a big challenge for ME~~!!
I didn’t take much pic actually, maybe busy eating around. hahaa…. they all had provided free test eating. So, we all are busy about that. >< and I really can’t ‘tahan’ myself to bring them home. I had bought a lot from there, used a lot $$ too but some share with friends.
Our baking course main teacher from left 4th that. He is one of the judge of the baking competition that day.

IMG-20120322-00706 531286_3296920393680_1587971240_2655560_211668892_n
Our group~! ^^ from left me, Wie Kit, Lim Heng, Lawrence & Yuan Pin(my roommate also).
Suddenly grab by a girl Indonesian student to take a girl group photo but our monitor of our class A appeared behind us. XD He always suddenly appear behind people when they are taking a pic. Another group photo taken outside with group members.

oh ya, forget about this... Taipei 101! Just pass by... ^^