Friday, May 28, 2010

A successful baking experience!

After last week experience, I now bake it again! Following the steps put in the ingredients into the bread machine. This time make the simple style one without making any other "special" shape for the whole meal bread. Nice bread, I LOVE IT!!! Eat it when it still hot, it is the best moment for eating bread. Jiun, waiting me to cut it out with pieces.

After Scholarship

Home made bread!!
No chance to take pic during our process so we only take pic with our result. The bread look were really funny and special one lah . . . we made this by using creative idea!! This is really creative till strange. These are whole meal breads, baking bread really not an easy job it need many many time for it to expand its size. It have not expand much as what we see in the recipe book! After that, I found the reason why the bread not expand double its size as in the recipe, I mixed the yeast and the salt carelessly! Yeast + salt = no expand.
I forgot the step of putting in the ingredients of making bread but now I will forever remember it. Should be like that . . . water+salt+butter, then flour+brown sugar+whole meal flour+yeast. Never mind this is the first time . . . must be better the next time.

Stupid sis, holding the most beautiful bread to take pic.
Using the chalks having their art lesson on the floor outside the kitchen.

my school shoes after washing nothing special with it just a good partner with me every day in school. I love this pic, the light and the shadow of it and some little green leafs embellish the pic.

A baby moth . . .

Where are they now?? as what you see they are on the roof. This is really dangerous not really la . . . should be a little dangerous but they they want so I have no power to stop them just let
them have fun on it for a while.
That all. . . my last last Sunday.

Tae Chow scholarship

My native --> Tae Chow (潮州), Tae Chow Association Scholarship held on 15/5(Sunday), I went there with my sisters(Jiun+Yi~older sis who just came back from her collage life) and Celine too. Wear our own school uniform to attend the ceremony,hate to do this, wearing uniform to anywhere outside school but we must did this if not we would can't get our scholarship. The ceremony held in a temple, the view there not bad but the small hall wake up my bad memories it happen about three years ago . . . It was a dancing competition! I attended that last minutes cause I was helping my friend whose one of her dance team member had injured just before three days the competition held! This really what we called the last minutes! I practiced the dance steps and memories them in just three days!!! Lastly I presented well in the competition, even thought that but now I play back my memory lane this is really disgusting with the modeling that time and the stupid dance step. Yah . . . that is not bad I can remember all the dance steps in just three days but they are really not suitable for our dress up and my body shape!!!! After that night(competition night) many people had already known me the one who had take part in the dance competition!!! Ar~~~~~~ !!!!!
Okay, forget that come back to what I did last last Sunday. Taking pictures around was what we did usual . . . non-stop. This is a little little garden out side the temple with some crane statues for decoration.
Testing for the rain drops?! . . . having light rain before we arrived. . .
and test together . . .
Smile like rabbit? or like chipmunk?
Jiun, Celine & me. My hair~~~!!! why don't inform me before captured this!!!!
Actually this pic look not bad but my hair spoil the whole pic.
Happy Vs Cool

Bright smile . . .
A little cute guy standing behind me when I squatting down ready to shot my sis
who going on step to have her certificate.

View look out from the temple . . .

Should read this from the right . . . Guan Hai Ting

Take this pic under the rain with holding the camera and
the umbrella too in the same time alone . . . center -- Yi(sis)

Finally dad coming . . . home now girls!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First bake experience with friends

0511, one of my best friends birthday=Soo Yi. This is the last year we stay together in secondary school so this is what we decided to give her, not give . . . should say prepared for her. Er. . . just a basic cake look so we use those model with many many type shape like star, love, moon and . . . (dont know what the other shape called).
This is me (below), wearing my Taekwondo T-shirt squating down in front the cabinet looking for a tupperware . . .
Here are Sandra and Shian (from left)

Have a nice day girls~~ (I'm the shortest . . . . huhuhhh~~)

earth day . . .

April . . . the month for Earth. picture above is my design for my school competition with title "Earth Day". the idea for this pic/design is very simple but is meaningful, i guess...
I just thinking "Earth day" must have eartth(of course), then the earth need 'green'=leaf/plant. and that is! my idea for this time competition... haven know the result yet . .. . waiting now. . . hope I can win it. no no no . . . should say I must win it!!!

Growing up guy~~

clapping hands . . .

never stop eating . . .
'A . . .'
the Pooh teddy really alike with him

busy climbing up the chair . . .

finally, he did it . .

Beach adventures

The beach beside road . . . we wish to go there for a long time alrd . . . now is the chance to there.
Camera!! things that can't miss to bring along, and . . . water, that all.

walking down from the road shuttle across the plants, the feeling just
like those leafs kissing your legs . . . weird . . .

first sight . . . dirt around . .

Jiun like an ancient, she keep inserted the stick into the mud . . .

looking for Pearl??

shout for life . . . 'Ah~~~!!'

rubbish around~~

Yea . . . finally return home . . .