Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 days 4 night!

best thing ever~~ staying with my best friend for 5 days 4 night!! really super happy about that, even do nothing but just stay in the same room also feel so good about that. Sandra! her parents went out for holiday and left her at home then I go accompany her and also for joy of course.
she cook in the 1st night, steam pork & vegetable soup... maybe she put too many vege into it, it taste bitter that i really cant drink it... sorry about that Sandra..

this is about the second night... we went to Giant for our next day breakfast~ n this is what we get...

having some pic in my office...

the little monkey that I cut out from a biscuit pack

my seat... with two Pc on it but I only use the black one.. and the left hand side Pc is from another uncle that sit beside me. He dont want the Pc block his table then he place it on my~~ wth wasting my place! He only use it at night, the time he having his OT and I alrd went back...we sharing the same internet cable, then every day when I went back then I need to switch the cable to his comp there! really hate to do this!

TV time!! this is the style we watch Tv...hehe

she having phone call from her parents... have a bit blurr with these pic but I still love it!

hey sis, ur favourite..Garfield! but it look weird here..

Sandra playing my camera when I applying the nail polish..

Lily~~ her name... Sandra's dog~~ I really scare her at first but after some more time our relationship get closer alrd..
this is when I sitting on the floor waiting my office car fetch me...

from my office can always see this kind of view~

Yeah! the last night we went to Soul Garden! the korean restaurant! want to do this for a long time alrd! n now we did it! but only we two... each dishes cost at least RM 20... so we only order two dishes but that alrd can make us very full~

Kim Chi~~

Kim Chi soup
Octopus! the Must eat dishes here! super nice! Like it! coz there have no many restaurant will serve with octopus one... this is nice, I swear!

after all then we thought that whether there got sold the korean rice wine... then this is what we found! Ta Da~~!! the korean rice wine! RM22 per bottle! then we brought it home to try...

Sandra which just finished her bath n here with her super wet hair~~ hehe

"It taste like water~!" by Sandra

for me! "No! super weird! like plastic!"

she is good in that... I really cant accept the taste... really like plastic!!!...
smell like coconut but taste @_@...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011