Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vs Contact Lens

OMG…. I wrote a lot in my Windows Live Writer and haven’t click for the “Save draft” key, then I gone! Now, I need to re-write again!!
My colleague, Phui Yuk, she is having a war fight with her new contact lens yesterday night during our Overtime hours in office. ^^ This is her first try on wearing it, she bought 5 pairs of color contact lens from internet and fresh received it on yesterday afternoon. From the pictures above, my Table! It almost become a pharmacy~~ and a tin of Latte she spend me. =D
She is trying so hard to force a piece of brown contact into her eye! haha…
DSC00309 DSC00311
(left pic) I helping her hold the little mirror and she is trying hard on putting the lens into her eye….
and me… having my Fb time + sticking those name label onto those new punch cards. Suddenly I heard her shout! and guess what, she said she had gone the lens during the time she try to wear it! What! the lens hanging on the wardrobe! Something pose like a spiderman! hahaha…. XD
Finally she did it but just her eye appear in red mood~~! then she comes confidence and try the other eye too! So, the conclusion is – 1 hours wearing a pair of new brown contact lens + red eyes after success!
Phui Yuk that day wearing… so~~ sexy back shirt! with lace cutting and lot holes there~~ ^^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blood Donation~~

 Follow daddy to have a blood donation last Tuesday. My aim for such action is… to skip for a while from my working hour. That is quite boring always stay in office and keep doing the same things or solve those documents… that is very BORED!!

Daddy having blood donation every three months~ and this time I follow him too~~ ^^ Reach office for a while and then come out to the hospital.. hooray! chance to “snacking”!

It takes a long long time… actually it can be done very quickly but the nurses’ move~~ God!  All in slowww motion~~ It’s okay cause I want to waste more time of my out going. ^^

I was wait for a long time there so I have a nap on their chair, but then the nurse thought that I’m sleepy maybe not enough power to make a donation. NO! I must take a donation today, no one or nothing can block me! and she ask me when was my last day ‘Period’, cause they scare my not blood enough~! I’m very healthy okay~~ ><

Sure, finally I did it! Yes! and guess what that day is the day I know my own blood type! I was O! before I test my blood, cause daddy keep say I’m O then I always thought I’m O too… but then, I’m not group O. I’m blood group A~~~ can’t believe it…


I know this is weird… but I like the blood color here… haha…=D

  2 1

A hand mark to prove as I had blood donated that day~~! ^^

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cOins CoInss~~

Malaysia ringgit old coin

I’m looking for coins~~~ today!! walking surround bank to exchange coinsss…. My account department need it for paying cash pay salaries for those workers~~ then! She gave me RM 100 to turn it into 0.50, 0.20, 0.10 & 0.05……

and what I get finally?!! I went four banks! and the answers were all same!! “Sorry,we have not enough coins to exchange with you.” God!  So last, I went to find my dad ask him whether have some coins exchange with me. and sure, I get what I want there~~ XP

I had change for RM 50 only… return the rest to her and she asked me continue it, to exchange the rest RM 50 from other bank tomorrow again~~~ (^_^)