Monday, February 28, 2011

like I'm having exam

Its my younger sis's school examination now.... it start from today 1/3 till 3/3 just for three days!! but, it is like I'm having my exam because I'm gonna teach her!!! all the subjects, exercise, questions ++ What she going to test and I need to read them all!! and make some exercise for translating those meaning to her.

 I'm more hardworking than my own exam okay!! but she seem not care about her test... not doing any revision on her own just waiting other to ask her to "Go study!" I really angry about this... we too care about her education but she is like dont want to study. then, why still I need to be so diligent to teach her huh?
 the most tired thing is to rewrite all the exercise questions from her "buku latihan" or from those old exam paper given by cousin.... especially the chinese font!!!
 these are all the old exam paper by cousin... add on, I make this till 4.35am!!!
 sure can't be too concentrate in that so the music is the only thing to accompany with me doing these thing...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

late post

Dont know what I busy about this few days.... these photo are from the CNY one, I forget to upload them. and I make it now....

black n white

kiss kiss...

here some of my unnatural smile.... really feeling weird when try to look back again these pic...

this chocolate is really nice... the price is nice too actually. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


the sand still there and now finally got people come to clean it...

03/02/2011 1st day of CNY 3/3

daddy and mummy hugging the two youngest children in our  family 

Hao Bang!!! super big eyes!!

child now all wanna play computer

"hello, Celia speaking." "hello, Cheng Cheng speaking."

always holding food in her hands

Happy Chinese Rabbit Year!!!