Thursday, December 15, 2011

my Teddy

My cute little Teddy~~! I have been ready these photos for a long time but just keep busy on working till I forget about this. >_< Just wanna say that my teddy ready did look alike with the teddy biscuits!


 Teddy2  Teddy

Here the picture of comparison of them. hehe…

Teddy4 Teddy3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vs Contact Lens

OMG…. I wrote a lot in my Windows Live Writer and haven’t click for the “Save draft” key, then I gone! Now, I need to re-write again!!
My colleague, Phui Yuk, she is having a war fight with her new contact lens yesterday night during our Overtime hours in office. ^^ This is her first try on wearing it, she bought 5 pairs of color contact lens from internet and fresh received it on yesterday afternoon. From the pictures above, my Table! It almost become a pharmacy~~ and a tin of Latte she spend me. =D
She is trying so hard to force a piece of brown contact into her eye! haha…
DSC00309 DSC00311
(left pic) I helping her hold the little mirror and she is trying hard on putting the lens into her eye….
and me… having my Fb time + sticking those name label onto those new punch cards. Suddenly I heard her shout! and guess what, she said she had gone the lens during the time she try to wear it! What! the lens hanging on the wardrobe! Something pose like a spiderman! hahaha…. XD
Finally she did it but just her eye appear in red mood~~! then she comes confidence and try the other eye too! So, the conclusion is – 1 hours wearing a pair of new brown contact lens + red eyes after success!
Phui Yuk that day wearing… so~~ sexy back shirt! with lace cutting and lot holes there~~ ^^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blood Donation~~

 Follow daddy to have a blood donation last Tuesday. My aim for such action is… to skip for a while from my working hour. That is quite boring always stay in office and keep doing the same things or solve those documents… that is very BORED!!

Daddy having blood donation every three months~ and this time I follow him too~~ ^^ Reach office for a while and then come out to the hospital.. hooray! chance to “snacking”!

It takes a long long time… actually it can be done very quickly but the nurses’ move~~ God!  All in slowww motion~~ It’s okay cause I want to waste more time of my out going. ^^

I was wait for a long time there so I have a nap on their chair, but then the nurse thought that I’m sleepy maybe not enough power to make a donation. NO! I must take a donation today, no one or nothing can block me! and she ask me when was my last day ‘Period’, cause they scare my not blood enough~! I’m very healthy okay~~ ><

Sure, finally I did it! Yes! and guess what that day is the day I know my own blood type! I was O! before I test my blood, cause daddy keep say I’m O then I always thought I’m O too… but then, I’m not group O. I’m blood group A~~~ can’t believe it…


I know this is weird… but I like the blood color here… haha…=D

  2 1

A hand mark to prove as I had blood donated that day~~! ^^

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cOins CoInss~~

Malaysia ringgit old coin

I’m looking for coins~~~ today!! walking surround bank to exchange coinsss…. My account department need it for paying cash pay salaries for those workers~~ then! She gave me RM 100 to turn it into 0.50, 0.20, 0.10 & 0.05……

and what I get finally?!! I went four banks! and the answers were all same!! “Sorry,we have not enough coins to exchange with you.” God!  So last, I went to find my dad ask him whether have some coins exchange with me. and sure, I get what I want there~~ XP

I had change for RM 50 only… return the rest to her and she asked me continue it, to exchange the rest RM 50 from other bank tomorrow again~~~ (^_^)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to short hair cut


This is FUNNY!!! I really have no idea to my mum. She is crazy! XD

How come a mum can make something like this “oo0oo” when her daughter taking a self-pic in front her? hehe… style mum!

one more… a new natural mask create by mum. having Mask with the fresh fruit even though it look weird but have a good try, not bad. but the best mask I prefer is home make yogurt mask! the Best & the most Effective!


okay… I know this is weird… XD


Movie time!

It has been a long long time that I didn’t update or make any new post here. Here u go, I watch a lot some movies recently. I highly recommend this < 3 idiots > a Bollywood film release in the year of 2009. It’s about friendship of these three idiots, they study in a College/University of Engineering. Indian tradition always hoping their son become an engineer and daughter will be doctor. I think this movie is trying to overturn this thought, the theme is to encourage people to find your own dream and follow your mind or your hobby to study/work.

<3 idiots>


imageimageimage imageimageFive stars for this film!! Must watch!

I like the story arrange … it start with two of them(the red & the green “butt”) to find their friend(the blue), and then flash back to their college time, briefly describe their first meet, what happening during the time in school! Refute the teacher, overthrow something incorrect … It has a lot funny screen inside too! even thought the whole film is speaking in Hindi but very thanks to those subtitle maker~~ can’t understanding their language through the subtitle still can fully enjoy this film.

This film got a lot awards. This is really really a nice film! like it sooo much~~ <3

Beside, I watched this too, a Thai movie -- <A Little Thing Called Love>883831426873398141

  imageimageimage image four stars for this film.

Super nice love story… First Love. a lot funny thing happen, with love & friendship… The girls try many ways to attract boys’ attention, a lot funny and crazy ways. Something that we will also done it before in high school… ^^ It’s a;; about Love~~

and here… <The Secret of Moon Acre>

2009822192540240  imageimageimage   three stars for this movie.

this is something like Narnia, Alice in the Wonderland… that kind of story series. Fantasy version film… like fairy tale. I’m just like a child like these kind of movie fantasy, something will not happen in real life just like a fairy tale.

erm … what else… I watched a French film too but cant remember the film name.

ya, and a Korean movie <My Black Mini Dress>

我的黑色迷你裙 imageimageimage   three stars for this movie too.
Girls’ talk, party, wine, shopping, friendship, luxurious ~~~ 
some more some more.. .. ..
Taiwan film by LeeHom <Love in Disguise>
20109109161085451  image  one star for this only~~
I very look forward to this before I watch it. After watching it, feel disappointed about it.  People are nice, but the story structure really have a bit~~ dunno how to describe. The story not attractive enough, and it goes slow pace of. Shall not be denied that the movie theme song is very nice. Love the song very much. <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 days 4 night!

best thing ever~~ staying with my best friend for 5 days 4 night!! really super happy about that, even do nothing but just stay in the same room also feel so good about that. Sandra! her parents went out for holiday and left her at home then I go accompany her and also for joy of course.
she cook in the 1st night, steam pork & vegetable soup... maybe she put too many vege into it, it taste bitter that i really cant drink it... sorry about that Sandra..

this is about the second night... we went to Giant for our next day breakfast~ n this is what we get...

having some pic in my office...

the little monkey that I cut out from a biscuit pack

my seat... with two Pc on it but I only use the black one.. and the left hand side Pc is from another uncle that sit beside me. He dont want the Pc block his table then he place it on my~~ wth wasting my place! He only use it at night, the time he having his OT and I alrd went back...we sharing the same internet cable, then every day when I went back then I need to switch the cable to his comp there! really hate to do this!

TV time!! this is the style we watch Tv...hehe

she having phone call from her parents... have a bit blurr with these pic but I still love it!

hey sis, ur favourite..Garfield! but it look weird here..

Sandra playing my camera when I applying the nail polish..

Lily~~ her name... Sandra's dog~~ I really scare her at first but after some more time our relationship get closer alrd..
this is when I sitting on the floor waiting my office car fetch me...

from my office can always see this kind of view~

Yeah! the last night we went to Soul Garden! the korean restaurant! want to do this for a long time alrd! n now we did it! but only we two... each dishes cost at least RM 20... so we only order two dishes but that alrd can make us very full~

Kim Chi~~

Kim Chi soup
Octopus! the Must eat dishes here! super nice! Like it! coz there have no many restaurant will serve with octopus one... this is nice, I swear!

after all then we thought that whether there got sold the korean rice wine... then this is what we found! Ta Da~~!! the korean rice wine! RM22 per bottle! then we brought it home to try...

Sandra which just finished her bath n here with her super wet hair~~ hehe

"It taste like water~!" by Sandra

for me! "No! super weird! like plastic!"

she is good in that... I really cant accept the taste... really like plastic!!!...
smell like coconut but taste @_@...