Saturday, April 30, 2011

hang out with Sandra

This was about a month ago... before starting the popular part-time job... suppose Vi Cienne to be there too but she can't find a change out with us. then left us two.... shopping in town in the morning which made Sandra spent about RM80++ that day!! hahaha... cause she wanna bought new shirts for her OL job.

                         we suppose to have badminton in the garden but then rain came....

this is one of her harvest of that day... a monkey mirror~~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

part time^^

this is my second part time job, the first time is last year as a sale girl during PC fair. this year I join this, the Popular Book Fair in Sdk for two weeks. before starting this job I thought I just need to arranging books and keep eyes open to avoid thief But its not! I was chosen as the cashier! omg! daddy said before better don't be a cashier but I am now. cashier need learn a lot! know how to work on with the payment system and need remember all offers item, all the discount percentage... a lot!!


the stage became a place for storage

Vi Cienne and me having all the meal together every day,
home made meal she brought mine too

crazy playing when free

here is the group photo of all the part timers!! still got one boy didn't in the pic, 
he went home alrd before we taking this
all part timer
 Boys ^^

Girls ^^

me + Ah Nyuk

just wanna said that cashiers are always the late people went home. this is not fair!! with the same salary but cashiers work more then the others... more tired and more busy... must increase our salary one! but they didn't make it. sometime just feeling angry with this, seeing other playing around and we four just can only stay in the counter side can't go any where and no people can came in too...

these are the day before the last day... mean the day we gonna pack all these things...

feeling regret that I didn't bought these disney series photo album

 during our lunch rest time... we had lunch in the sch
 canteen then  have talk in the pavilion

last day popular part-time job

 okay... this is the last day for this popular book fair part-time job. we gather only for the salary that day(19/04). cause the day before we already finish packing all those books and every things... so we here that day only for the salary and taking pic each others... we got  about 15 part-timers. and I can't remember all their name cause some didn't contact much more when working.
 almost all are same age with me and just 2 are smaller than me one year and 1 is older one year than all of us...
below... (the largest pic) me and Martin(red shirt), a guy from KK under Popular(Harris in One Boneo). He is Kadassan n a kpop fans too, know korean and also japanese. so geng! can believe that he already have two children with only 27 years old this year. and then the blue shirt one,Jackson, look like a malay but he is a chinese.
  and here(below)..with the purple shirt short hair cut girl is Didi look like a chinese but is a kadassan can't speak mandarin or cantonese, many customers thought she is a chinese and keep asking questions to her in chinese, this is funny when this happen...hehe.. ya, she married too! have a cute son. and the other blue shirt guy uncle is Mr.Tay our IT. He in charge all the computer equipment like our cashier counter computer... can't believe again, he got 4 children already... why all KK people look so young one huh?
 cashier group photo + Mr.Tay(IT+assistant manager) + Mr.Chin(retail manager)
four of us stay there until all those books move on to the 'lori' till... we join them to the Sepilok. unfortunately when we arrived there at 3:30 pm, and the staff said it close at 3pm no more visiting for the Orang Utan then we move to the Rain Forest.
we are not that bad luck too... cause we saw the orang utan out side eating bamboo...
here are some crazy pic taking around in the last day...
 unforgettable memories, meaningful and earn a lot new friends after this...

Monday, April 4, 2011






好生气  干嘛他们没为我们筹备过