Thursday, February 16, 2012

Labuan Trip Part 1!


Labuan trip! Having a crazy idea went for a travel with … soul mate, best friends, family is colleague! ==! Really don’t know what happen with me have such crazy thought~ whatever is it, I enjoy it as well. ^^

03.02.12 First day

I’ve been there before even though as a Sabahan. Taking flight from SDK-KK at 6pm something then straight away flight KK-LABUAN around 8pm that night.

IMG_9285 (One of my colleague+behind)

When we arrived the hotel that is really tired alrd, we had work in that day morning also, work till 4:30pm then rush to the airport. Hotel Labuan 1, the first night we slept.

IMG_9286_副本  -Daniel + his wife (they look super sweet! keep holding hands all the way) 

-Mr Lok & Mr Ko

-Ms Lo (in blue shirt in front the counter)  

It is about RM 128 nett price per room for 2 persons.



super oily hair~~ yaiks! Xp

Xian’s gift

Taking a short post here… ^^ A gift by my best friend (si dang!) Xian. Hand warmers and a lot Masks~~~
Given a note with “Use it! when you feel cold!” (Going to Taiwan one week later~~! hooray!), “the Masks will be very useful to you cause the skin easily get dry over there.All are moisturizing mask.”


Thanks you babe! Love it! <3

Valentine Day <3

I suppose to have this post on that night!!!! but I’m late now again~~~ ==

It has been a long long time that I didn’t update any post here! and now I’m gonna share my first Valentine day 2012! >< We start on 1st day of 2012… and we had just celebrate our first Valentine day about 2 hours ago. I didn’t prepare any surprise or a big present to him… just a box of Valentine gift’s symbol – chocolate in love shape~ that I search in Labuan for some time. n I got it! the LOVE shape chocolates + some of my sewing writing. ^^


and… I got this first… a little Fox key chain. I like it very much also cause that is really cute! even though tat is really small in size.


The fox was in couple actually, one in red & one in grey like what I hold. I choose the grey cause the red one really look like some poison fox~?

and… I got this at last…


a super large Teddy! that I never expect before! I ask him buy me a teddy before but just need the size like 1/3 of this… and I got a 1x3 size of what I actually want before. This is cute of course but the first thing in my mind is… how can I bring this little teddy bear along with me to Taiwan?! This is crazy @.@  but like the teddy soooo much! XD He bought it from KL, bring it all the way long from KL to here! he is another crazy people also. XXD



here are some more pictures I taken with it. ^^


jjang jjang! ^^