Thursday, January 27, 2011

NTLDR is missing???

What is this!!! The laptop is soooo... important to me this few days!!! But! suddenly came out with NTLDR this stupid thing! All my plans have gone!!! What I had plan to do this week, all gone!!

Really a surprise!!! but I don't think that I need it okay!!? I'm using the original windows!! Original anti-virus!!! then, what f is this!!! My friends said this is a virus from windows one... need the recovery disc to solve it. Where can I found this thing?? huh? How do I know such thing? She said when you first bought the laptop then will have that disc...must burn out the copy of the disc first, called recovery disc. That fucker seller(who sold the laptop to mum) now not in Sdk, go somewhere where he gonna die alrd... That fucker... when purchasing with him, he will always smiling with you, when the comp gt some problem then he always has excuse. Next time when saw him death I must be the killer.

Can backup the laptop? This is what I asked the other guy who now helping me solving the laptop virus. "Can't" this is what I heard from him. Heart broken..-..-..-..-

Can't be this! All my camera photoes inside the laptop!! I gonna go crazy with this alrd!! Last year all the photoes haven backup out yet!! I completely no mood any more... maybe I will have a video interview today! I really dont know how to handle it anymore... Juz really really really hope that he will not set the interview today... make it next time!! Hopefully he is busy today...Plz don't call me today...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Backstage of TVXQ!!

Almost there... Max's newest drama!!! "Paradise Ranch"... waiting for the first ep!!! Oppa Fighting!!!

Some more pic here . . . their backstage picture upload by their company...

This is the funniest pic ever, Max is so cuuuute .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Grace

They are so cute,nature and sweet!! Discover these video from youtube again! Youtube is amazing!! Is the korean program Star Watch, it's a show record the schedule of star(when they have new album/activities). They are really crazy one in the 1st ep, they sang and dance in the car like a club! Four crazy girls...

the reckless weak point of these video are the sound is too soft and the camera are not stable feeling dizzy about it... the sound recording are completely spoil the whole program

"Every body stop .... .... han beon do Okay!" ya, I know this rhythm!! familiar to me!! In the year of 2008, I listen to this song almost more than 100 times!!! I know the dance step too!! hahaha....
they really enjoy their life inside their car!! no one there, just them and a camera + music then they can for the whole day there...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hidden Camera TSZX

TSZX/DSJH 天上智喜 천상지희 my favorites korean girls group idol in my life!!! Saw these video from youtube today which I never watch this before. Love them!!! It's a hidden camera to Sunday(one of the member). Love them forever~~~!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Best Day Ever

What I had done today…erm… … ya, with friends, my best friends.(Just me, Sandra, Soo Yi and Vi Cienne, without Shian) Our plan today:

10:30am – Bowling

3:00pm – Badminton


We made it better and not just Bowling & Badminton at all! We go to the Bowling Club at 11:00am and it haven open yet, so we walk around to find something to do to spend the time… beside the Bowling Club we found the cinema and of course there have not any show at that time. Then we try to visit the Korean Restaurant (that we really want try before) called “Seoul Garden” in a place that not really can be realize actually. It doesn’t have grand look on it just with a simple sign board with some Korean words and the restaurant name.


Can’t just visit a restaurant and do nothing on it, so we order something to eat just want to try the cook there… we want to eat Tok Bok Kki (Korean rice cake) but we can’t find it in the menu. Then we ask the waitress, she answer me this “Oh, the rice cake? We don’t have it, we just have what you can see in the menu.” She is not a korean (have a bit sad about that, cause we really love Korean people), I think she is a Malay or Philippines. Okay, never mind we order only one plate of food, the Octopus. We are hungry just want to try something in that restaurant so just order one thing to share, that octopus cost RM 20 it free a bowl of rice and 5 plate side dish with Kim Chi and . . .

It taste good, but just have taste a bit spicy on it and the Kim Chi is totally sour!!! Can’t really accept the taste of the Kim Chi. Before we stepping into the restaurant we meet a uncle outside with carrying a big bag of rice, through our first sign then we know that he is a Korean !!! so happy to meet him, and of course he is the “Boss” of this restaurant. We really want to try to chat with him in Korean(to show the Korean we know)but we can’t find him during the time we waiting for food and during we eat.

Finally we saw him!!! Soo Yi suggest to take a pic with him even though have a bit weird with this action but he really willing to take a pic with him!!! Although he is not star or idol or what but we feel very happy taking pic with him! Then we chat for a while in English, asking him some question like “why there have no Tok Bok Kki?(cause we really hope to eat that)” “why are you staying in Sandakan?” “What make you open this shop?”, like a reporter… He told us that his son are studying in the same secondary school with us. (we can guess so, cause there have about 5 or 6 Korean study in the secondary school we had).

This is only the first part of the day, then I had wrote so long about it(cause too happy already)…

The 2nd activity: Bowling


No one there or maybe too early and it is school day now, we are the first customer on the day~~ hehehe… it cost RM25.5o/hour/4 persons

Not that expensive as I thought before… changing up the shoes they prepare there and we start the game~~~bowling is not that easy to play, can’t easily get GOAL like we play the bowling game in computer. It’s totally hard to get goal. We had a lot fun there, that we keep laughing loudly, talking loudly, crazy around and no one staff will even take a look at us. No one guarding us that make us feel more comfortable and enjoy the play.

The 3rd : Sabah Hotel

Suppose to be badminton but there still have a lot time… we plan to go to karaoke(that friends must go for once but we had not try it before)“ENCORE”. We must try it today!! OMG!!! It open at 5pm… we give up this idea and go take for tea in at the café there. There have a lot pies, cake, bread … I choose a strawberry cheese cake in love shape quite nice one and my friends had blue berry cheese cake and apple pie. We spend an hour here enjoying the view, the cake, and our topics…

Finally … we go to the hall of SJK(C) Chi Hwa for the badminton. Our arm are getting lost of energy because of the bowling but we still pay fully attention the game as we had paid RM 5/hour here. The hall full of our noise too… beside us there still have 4 people playing their badminton there but we are more noisy. As we are going to end it, someone walking forward to me…and then I found that she is my best friends (in primary school, in my life too) Mabel Lim!!! My best friends ever but we had no see each other for … 4/5 years. So surprise!! That I’m really want to meet up again but she is just beside me and didn’t realize about that!! Thanks GOD that give us a chance to meet up again before we separate in different country. So o o o o oo o happy at that moment. We didn’t sit in a silent at that time…we still can talk a lot too! Best friends are always the best friends that our friendship had not change by time. How sweet is it.

Ya , before going to Chi Hwa, we got a stupid action that is playing badminton in the garden of Grandview.(just thinking this can save money) Why I said stupid, it is because the winds keep blowing on that time!! But we are just stupid about 2 to 3 minutes then quickly move to the hall to play.

Those pictures we taken today I haven got it yet so I will add those photo when I got it.

This is the time table today that is completely different with the first one we plan:\

1st—Seoul Garden(Korean Restaurant)

2nd – Bowling

3rd—Sabah hotel

4th – Grandview Garden

5th – Chi Hwa School Hall(badminton)