Monday, March 28, 2011

Macau trip part2

 Hang out with sis after her work and when her off day. The Macau Fisherman's Wharf some where that I didn't heard before. It's a very silent place but very nice view actually. We went there for my sis's colleague birthday celebration in a Thai restaurant.

cute penguin but with black black hands

ya, finally got people help me hold the camera. shopping with my 
sis for the whole day, it feel so good!

some foolish pic taken by sis.

this the present we prepare for mum's birthday. Its some cake matrix. 
This is so cute mum always lobe this such thing.

first time ate this, the fish's skin!it look so weird at the first sight but it taste not bad.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macau trip

 This is my first trip abroad and hopefully it will be more and more after this. I spent nearly a month's time there, I went there alone at 9 March for a week first, after a week then my parents and my youngest sis came too for our family first abroad family trip. It was so excited on the way I went there, event thought some time will feel bored. having flight to KK then stay for about 8 hours in the airport(to wait for the next flight to HK). because of my negligence the trip didn't go well at the first. This is what happened for the trip, there was a holes in the shoes I wear on the flight! this is really the bad thing ever! and I didnt brought any other sports shoes or even slippers with me! I got the big trouble. My travel mood is getting angry with this. I still need to walk a lot and the shoes keep open its "mouth", I need to be pretending nothing happened with it and try to walk like normal(just hopefully no one notice it cause I use string to tie it up). However it still can make me 'tahan' till arrived Macau meet my sis and change to a normal shoes she brought me.(but shoes size is too large for me,at the end I really can't walk properly for the whole day.)

The next day, the first meal in Macau is Mc.d for breakfast. Sis still have to work that day so she just teach me how to walk to those landmarks of Macau. These  are those pic in the first day there. 

 After having breakfast its the time I traveling around alone again, holding sis's camera and keep taking pic around and a lot selfcam.

This is where called "Guan Ye Jie" in mandarin, is a street where visitors must come and the place to buy souvenirs. It was about 9am something, it was too early for them, so many shops haven't prepared to start their business yet.

I walked to the Venetian alone! I think I'm a super walker ever! first step to there and I heard some one sang, and ' y everyone are looking to the upper stair?' so, this is what I saw at the first sight.
 I'm there! the indoor blue sky,very famous thing in Macau. a indoor shopping mall but with the Venetian design and those old building surrounding,feel like I'm now in Europe country. This is really not a good shopping place for those who have budget problem, all are branded shops.

 This is really so bore............... alone. just wanna have some fun, and I ask some visitors to help take pic like these.... the 1st pic still can be acceptable but the 2nd one, eir... weird.

 this is the place I enter, actually they have other entry but I didn't notice.

 here are some more pic when I walk back from Venetian...

 here are the next next day again...(the 3rd day in Macau). I found this long long stairs in some where not obvious but this is a very nice place... like a secret garden.

then I found this, some antique building in yellow and blue green..
seem this is a very popular place for taking wedding pictures. I can see a lot couple there.

I love this pic very much. The ' Tai Sam Pa',landmark of Macau. many visitors there that why I take this pic with only upper of the Tai Sam Pa and the panda head.
here are the "Love Lane"... hopefully can start my first love here... hahahah...