Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Steamboat with baking gangs! 20.06.2012

A free steamboat dinner with our whole baking class classmates and our lovely teachers! First steamboat experience in Taiwan even thought my friends surround had it a lot before, in the winter. This is like a end of a semester celebration party, gathering of whole class members all the baking course students this year, 68 of us!!! We break the record of this school! hahaha… Anyway, the point is! We had a very full night!! ^_^ According to our school rule, our class fee need to be finish them in every semester~~ so, teacher decided this, dinner gathering for free to us! Teacher and her assistant spend us for that night for the rest amount of the bill. The restaurant were fully booked by our class, such a grand view. XXD


It cost NT239 each people (week days price), for weekend is about NT269. This is the price for unlimited refill of meat! Its just for meat (chicken, pork, beef & lamb) only, no seafood over here it just supply a prawn like the picture above. ==!! and that plate of vege is the only you can have, quite expensive larr…. In my hometown with on RM 25, I can refill whatever I want! Seafood~ Vege~ Meat~~ but here got up to 10 type of soup let you choose, you can’t regret the soup taste you choose at first cause you can’t change it after all. I choose the tomato soup!! like it!


Like the moment! Picking up slices of meat throw them into the pot and countdown for the time to eat. yummy!!! The service here quite bad making me and friends angry and we had decided to eat as much meat as we can as a revenge! hahaha….


We had 6 people in my table and we had ordered all together 16 plates of meat that night. Actually not that much cause of the vege given quite a lot and making us full about it. Anyway, after meal we all just keep taking pictures crazily~~



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