Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leaflets Day2

Day 2!! Sunday (10.06.2012)
Its day2, we got to do the same things as yesterday. It just we no need rush for two school, we only need to stay in LinKou High School till 12pm.

Oh ya, I’m gonna thank to my roommate. She brought me some bread from the baking lesson. These are my breakfast for the day.

Here the pavements, we can only stand behind the white line can may not block the way of those pedestrians.

Gonna finish allocated all of them!!! Never ending leaflets… there were only two tutorial center today quite a big different with yesterday. The deserted street and the sunlight that day really drive us crazy.

and then, we moved in to the school again like what we had done before. Find parents or students signed. ==! We saw those same faces like yesterday, the parents and students. They sat at the same places also. We really got a big trouble now, Lawrence and I had give up about this. We just walked around to send out all the left leaflets and just give up on earning the extra commission.

We enjoyed a lot about this… the free ice-cream!!! I ate 3 on that day, all were passion fruit flavor. At last I tried a Yam flavor also. They all really nice!!!
 Time to take a break. Tired day~~ Continue fight after the rest. And it will be soon that we can end it and go home. ><
 Finally… end of their exam and we can finally end this part time job. Lawrence and I had decided ate McD for lunch as a reward for ourselves.

Taking a taxi with little tv behind the driver’s pillow back to Taipei and here the end of our part time day!!! McD mood on!

Spic chicken burger flavor! Mashita~~~ and then we back to our sweet hostel by train. It’s the peak period, no space for sit, we stand for 45minutes till we arrived Taoyuan.

 Btw, I exchanged this Garfield tag in Hi-Life. Nice!!

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