Thursday, September 6, 2012

Present Cake

Requested by my cousin after she saw the rainbow cake pic that I post to my sis in facebook. She left a comment there and requested me make a “present” cake for her for her birthday on 30th-Aug. She said a “present” look cake can be act as present and birthday cake too. So that she hope that I can make one for her. XP I’m very free and have nothing to do since still holiday now so I really go make one for her on the day. Actually it’s very easy to make one but gonna make it nice is HARD!! Maybe my skill on making fondant isn’t that good enough or the cake I bake isn’t good enough or what, I’m really almost gonna give up on it cause it really look not that nice n smooth enough and I’m so mad about it. Here the pic taken that day~ the making of the present cake.

Here the cake, it’s just simple sponge cake and I cut it into cube shape like a present box.

Making fondant in crystal blue color~ it’s like tifanny&co box. My sis suggest me to make a Tifanny & co. box where every girl dream of, cause it always contain jewelry inside. ><

Here the present look!!

Happy Birthday Janice~!!!


After adding some more decoration on the ribbon and now it doesn’t look like the tifanny & co any more. Smile with tongue out Cut one piece of the cake to prove that is a real cake~! haha…. in case of other doesn’t believe in me. I promise that the cake I make in the future will be more nice and pro~! The cake above really not that nice enough as what I plan or think. I need to improve myself and make it super nice look and taste. Hwaiting~!!

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